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Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. XD I had a blast on my birthday, My list was pretty simple.

Go see My grandma that shares the same Birthday (got done)
Mother take me out to eat (got done)
Had my first drink (wasn't on the list, but it happened only had 4 sips though)
Go to both Casinos that are in my area (Got that done, won $11 take home money XD thanks to the free money they gave)

~thing done today~
Got my license renewed
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I'm needing a picture made of Britt and hathor with Atem behind Britt and Yugi behind Hathor. Can anyone do this?
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  • Reading: House of night the beginning
On the way to the base Britt had fallen asleep leaning back on Atem’s chest. Hathor who was flying above to make sure they didn’t get any surprise attacks was looking around on her dragon. She was watching the group but she more looked down at Yugi who was following behind his brother.

I wonder what Yugi is thinking right now.  Hathor thought

Yugi who was still a bit confused had his horse come up by Atem’s horse “So what all happened with her?” Yugi asked Atem. Atem was quiet for a while because he hadn’t told Yugi the activities him and Britt had been doing when they were alone.  “Brother?” Yugi said seeing Atem was hiding something, which made Atem sigh. “She is carrying my child.” Atem admitted.  Yugi was shocked to hear this, as he didn’t know his brother had been doing such activities with the leader. Yugi wondered something and looked up at the dragon seeing Hathor looking down and watching.

No there’s no way she could have possibly known. Yugi thought

When they arrived at the base, Atem had to adjust Britt so he could get off the horse with her. He looked at the others as he gave Britt to Yugi to hold for a minute before he went to untie her horse from his, but right then Heb ran up to Britt and nuzzled her cheek. Britt opened her eyes as she looked over at the horse and pet it’s nose. She knew the horse was concerned about her well being which is why it was right there by her.

A true bond with a princess and her horse. Atem thought

When Heb and the others were put in the Horse stalls, Atem picked up Britt once again and took her inside to her chamber room. He layed her down then layed on the other side keeping her close to him as many things came to his mind at this point.  

How will father think if he finds out my betrothed Princess is already carrying my child…before the child is born…we’ll have to marry before she starts to show.  Atem thought

My grandfather and parents are going to freak out! I can’t even tell them…of the things I’ve done. When they find out of my child…I might get disowned… Britt thought, just the thoughts made her scared and worried.

The feeling of a kiss on her cheek broke her thoughts; Britt turned and looked at Atem. She knew they were in a big problem.  He took her hand and gave it a little squeeze.

“It’s time we move forward from this base. We must go either to your grandfather’s palace or my father’s palace.” He said to her.

Britt knew that was true but she didn’t want to leave her cousin’s behind or her sister’s. The fate they all faced could be much worse than hers and she figured each of them had in some way found someone to be in love with.

Hathor had seemed to be considering a court ship with Atem’s brother…one I would much approve of since it would keep her close. Britt thought

~Within the next two weeks~

They had switched into the Egyptian palace where Atem’s father was king. Britt insisted to keep her family with her and not send them back to her grandfather, as future Queen that request was honored. Britt was being fitted for her wedding dress but half way through she got sick which made the tailors concerned. Britt looked at them and tried her best to smile “It’s nothing, I didn’t eat very well this morning.” She told them, she knew that she would have to talk with Atem about this getting sick. She needed help or else they would be found out.

Hathor was walking along the palace looking around for she didn’t know what to expect with the new surroundings. She had always been in her grandfather’s palace but this wasn’t that place, it was the Pharaoh of Egypt’s palace and her cousin’s future home to permently stay in.

If some day Yugi and I would get to be like them...would this become my permanent home? Hathor thought

Once Britt had finished getting fit she ran off to see Atem. She stopped by the entrance of a door when she was looking in seeing Atem was speaking with his father.

Would Atem tell his father of our child? Britt thought

Inside the room, Atem was standing with his father. “Father there is something important I need to discuss with you…it is about Princess Britt and I.” He said

His father looked at his son with concern “Has something happened that it is such importance to not wait till after your wedding with her. Once you both are married she will need to provide you an heir when you are Pharaoh.” He said

“It is about the Heir…and why I want to marry her as soon as possible.” Atem said, but he could sense that Britt was close and when he looked back he saw her watching. “Britt come here.” He said

Britt was shocked but she walked over to Atem, as she stood by him he then placed an arm around her to hold her close. He knew the truth of his future Bride’s condition. “As some people may have told you father, my Princess here has been getting sick at times.” Atem said

Britt realized right then he was going to tell his father the truth of their child with her condition of how she was getting sick she couldn’t really argue with him. “There have been rumors going around that they don’t think she will live long if she keeps getting sick.” His father said.

“Father, she is carrying my child. That is the reason she is getting sick and why I ask you to make the arrangements for our wedding be as fast as possible.” Atem said, he wasn’t about to let Britt go now that he had his heir coming.

His father was shocked and Britt buried her head in Atem’s shirt as she was afraid what his father would say right then.  His father seemed to be thinking and he could clearly see that Princess Britt was afraid of people finding out.

“Well, I see how serious this has become.” The Pharaoh said to the two. Atem moved Britt to where she couldn’t hide her face from his father and she pouted some. Atem smiled thinking her pouting was adorable but he knew she didn’t like the people who could try to pull them apart to know of their rule breaking.

The Pharaoh took Britt’s hand and he smiled at her “Please don’t fear Princess. You were under your own house of rules with being the Rebel leader you can relax now for the safety of you and my grandchild.” Aknamkanon said to her. Britt smiled a little but she blushed some for she hadn’t even told her parents.  

“I have called a meeting with your parents Princess, I have invited you and my son to join the meeting.” Atem’s father said, Britt was quiet for she wasn’t sure what she should do but Atem held her close to him. “You should tell them, they should know of their grandchild coming and our child.” Atem said to her. Britt sighed knowing he was right but she didn’t want to be found out for the things she’d done while being rebel leader.

What if they’re not approving that I’m pregnant. I mean they would expect that I’d marry the father of my child but still.. Britt thought

Atem could almost tell that she was in distress some as he held her closer. This made her look at him while she smiled some. “We should tell them.” She said with a smile knowing it was best to be honest with her family. Besides she knew her family would be happy of a child coming and they were planning to marry before the child was born.

I hope the child is a boy.  Atem and Britt thought but Britt wanted a girl too...she just didn’t know the life they would have together.

It was later the next day when her parents arrived, they’d been aware of their daughters plan to marry the prince her grandfather had chosen but they were about to be getting a surprise. It was when they arrived Britt was first to welcome them as she ran over to them and hugged them. “Mama, Papa.” She said as she hugged them, being in their warm arms made her cry because being the rebel leader had been a lonely life before Atem came into her life.

“Shh, do not cry My Princess.” Her father said as he wiped her eyes.

Britt tried to laugh but she felt the sick feeling hitting her and she looked away in embarrassment. Her mother made her look at them though “Britt, what’s wrong?” She asked and Britt was quiet because she didn’t have the words to say the truth yet to her parents.

A little later they were all at the dining hall when everyone took a seat, food was all placed in front of them. Britt smiled for she did feel hungry but she looked over at Atem knowing she didn’t want to keep the secret from her parents much longer. Atem knew how important her parents were to her as he took her hand and gave it a little squeeze. “Tell them soon.” He said. Britt nod as she relaxed some and knew she would tell her parents before they went to bed tonight though she was concerned what her father would say to Atem.

The adults were in more of a conversation then talking to Atem or Britt. Britt looked at Atem with a slight smile because it almost felt like they were alone but soon that alone feeling left as her father spoke. “So what news do we expect to hear from you?” He asked her. Britt looked at her father and she was about to say something when she stayed quiet. Aknamkanon knew the news of the child was something important.

“There is news already...only I feel you’ll be ashamed of me.” Britt said.  

Her parents looked at her but they looked at Atem as well. As much as they could see she was hesitating to tell them they could almost think something happened right away. Atem looked at her “Tell them.” He said, as he held her hand to comfort her.

Britt looked at him but she didn’t know what else to say until she finally got up the guts to say something. “Well as you know, I was the Rebel Leader… and now that the war is over I’m back being your Princess of the Nile waters.” Britt said. Hathor was outside the dining room listening in and wondered if Britt was really going to tell her parents about her baby.  “Yes, Britt we do know that.” Angela said. Britt nod “But I wasn’t following Royal rules or codes while in there. I went by my own rules.” She said and she looked over at Atem for a second before looking at her parents again. “Atem and I both liked the freedom that we may have taken it a bit too far.” She said.

Her parents looked at her when she was about to finish but she stopped and kept quiet. She looked down knowing that she was about to probably be yelled at, but Atem squeezed her hand some to give her the courage to tell them. “Britt, what is it you need to tell us?” Her father asked, Britt didn’t look at him “I’m pregnant with my lovers child. We’re trying to rush the wedding before I start showing.” Britt said

Her  parents were shocked, and her father had that feeling his daughter was not the good girl he had believed her to be. He knew she had her freedom to make choices and some of those choices were not the best choices but he seen she was doing the right thing and marrying the prince who was the father of the child.

“Well we don’t approve of you being pregnant out of marriage but since you’re going to be marrying the prince…we’re ok with that.” Her mother said.
Rebel Princess and the future Pharaoh pt. 18
Atem,Ygo @ Kazuki Takahashi
Britt and others@ me and my family and friends
Preview picture made by :iconrin---rin:

Britt raised her hand ready to hit Jake again but Atem grabbed her wrist and made her put it down. He knew too well her anger could get the best of her when it came to Jake and that was what he wanted to prevent. Jake backed away but he glared at Atem as he was fueled by rage toward him, which led to him betraying Britt.

“Get out of my sight!” Britt yelled at Jake as her eyes started to glow blue. Atem held her arms down preventing her from using her power to hurt Jake at that moment. Hathor was ready to use fire but she knew too well to let her cousin handle it. Jake though ran out of the place knowing too well it wasn’t going to be easy to earn her trust back.

Britt calmed the moment he was out of her sight, she looked at her group, and being the leader she knew now they didn’t have the time to hold back their final attack. She went up to the top of the steps and looked down at her people.

“I’m sorry for my behavior. But now we must take this chance to move our attack. Our big attack will come tomorrow I want our strongest warriors to hold their Ka’s till the final moment. Those of you who are strongest in other ways of fighting will be our big lead.” Britt said

Atem went up and stood beside her as he took her hand and raised it up. She concentrated as the water came up to her command and slowly dispersed among her group as a glimmer of hope. Everyone cheered but she was hurt by Jake’s betrayal because he was her friend.  She had Atem let go as she returned to her chambers for the night.

For a while Atem had stayed away to give her time to think, Yugi had came over to him to speak with him.

“Brother.” He said

“Yes, Yugi?” He asked

“Will your princess be ok in this fight? A lot is expected of her.” Yugi asked

“She’s strong, she can handle herself.” Atem said

Little did anyone know there was one thing that could weaken Britt, it was something Britt wasn’t planning in her own plan for battle.  Atem wasn’t even planning for this to happen at the final moment in battle.

When Atem came to Britt’s chambers to see if she was still asleep he walked in to see her at a trashcan throwing up.  He went over to her and helped her up as he held her close.

“Britt, what’s wrong?” He asked

“I don’t know.” She said

He sighed but he layed her back in her bed as he went to go get Mana. He figured Mana could help Britt figure out what was going on with her. When Mana walked in Britt was lyrie at first because she didn’t trust so easily with certain people.  

“Relax, Miss Britt.” Mana said

She explained to Britt what she was going to do but she could see Britt was hesitant to trust her. She had thought Britt trusted anyone who was friends with Atem but she could see she may have been wrong but as she took a better look at her she could see she was more afraid of being sick.

While Mana was trying to help Britt out or at least get Britt to let her Hathor had walked through the hall. She seen that her cousin and leader’s chambers were open and something was going on. She went straight to her cousin’s lover as she pinned him to the wall.

“What is going on with my cousin?” She demanded

“I don’t know, Mana is trying to figure it out.” He said

“Fine, but she better be ok.” Hathor said

She let him go and walked back to her chambers knowing she’d ask later what was going on. She still had to give an answer to Yugi.  

What will I say to him? Hathor thought as she contemplated her decision on if she would say yes or no.

Mana was finally able to get Britt to trust her as she used a magic spell to check to see what was wrong with Britt. It was a few minutes of silent before Mana opened her eyes shocked.

“What?” Britt asked

“My leader, you’re with child…we’ve been with you for about eight months now and you’re about two months along.” Mana said

Britt was shocked and she looked down wondering what she was going to do. Many things were running through her mind at that time.

I can’t tell Atem, at least not yet until after the battle. I can’t tell anyone about the baby…No one can know. Britt thought

She grabbed Mana’s arm and looked at her “I beg of you, speak of this to no one.” Britt said
Mana was shocked but she nod though she hated lying to her best friend about his child. When Britt let her go she walked out of the room and saw Atem waiting to see what was going on with his future Bride.

“She’s just a little sick, she’ll be fine by morning.” Mana said

Atem nod as he went into the room to lay with her, he got close to her and hugged her to keep her calm. “You’re safe.” He told her, She nod as he soon relaxed closing his eyes and going to sleep.

If only you knew the truth though. She thought as she closed her eyes and a tear fell. Her hand rubbed her stomach slightly making sure to avoid his hand so he wouldn’t know.

When morning came the rest of the people made all the arrangements for their leader. They didn’t want her worrying anything about what needed to go so when Britt came down they had it all ready. People were in armor; Zoey took her aside and dressed her in her own armor so that she would be protected. Each Individual who had a gift had the marking on their armor.

As they all left Britt was about to join the others when Hathor pulled her aside. She told her she had accepted to be courted by Yugi. Britt was surprised but since she trusted her with this she gave her the most important secret she had right then.

“I’m pregnant.” Britt said

Hathor was shocked that her cousin told her this but she was glad she trusted her so much to tell her. “Please be careful in the battle.” Hathor said and Britt nod.

She went to be with the others as they set forth to lead her group. She was in front behind her were her most trusted friends Mira, Olivia, Hathor, Nannia, and Zoey. These were the people who helped make her power top of the line. Atem was leading the group behind Britt and her friends. When they got to the battlefield they had to split up into groups so they cornered where Aknadin was going to be. Britt was on one side of the field while Atem another side and her sisters were leading groups.

They waited for Aknadin and his followers to show up and when they did. Britt gave the signal for the people to come in but her orders were clear the strongest were to wait which meant her, her friends, her cousins, and her lover. As they all charged in to fight it was an all out battle with swords and Soul Kas going up against the people. Britt was using her gift resources to help her out.

As they were starting to need their strongest ones Britt was still holding her Goddess back but she signaled her friends to use theirs so when she was sent up in the air by one of the opponents to be brought to Aknadin, she used her sword to get free but by doing so she was dropped. It seemed like she was going to be hitting the ground but Zoey had the Nile Goddess’s pet Dragon catch her. Britt kept hold of the dragon as she led the way and had it attack. Zoey knew her princess’s control on the dragon was stronger than hers even though the dragon was hers.

Zeek had helped with the battle with his Ice Dragon. He could tell something was up with their leader, she was holding back her Goddess which wasn’t like her at all. Something had to be up.

Atem was fighting when he looked up seeing Britt with Zoey. He knew something was different but he couldn’t tell what it was. Britt had to be extremely careful now that she knew of her coming child which is why she hadn’t used her Goddess yet. Though she had the Nile Dragon go near ground as she got off and Zoey flew off staying up in the air to keep her princess safe.

The battle went on for hours as it seemed to be a never ending battle but Britt’s group was winning. Aknadin made his way through as the fight was going and he grabbed Britt by her neck. Making her gasp at how tight he had ahold of her.

“L-Let me go!” She yelled as water knocked him back. She knew she had the energy for one last attack before she’d have to depend on Atem to lead the fight. Her child was draining her energy fast with how much she used her gift. Aknadin went to take his sword out as he didn’t plan to let her stay alive but then Britt used her Goddess to knock him and his troops back.

After that attack she layed on her side weak from the energy loss, she looked over at Atem.  “it’s up to you…finish this fight.” She said. Not far away Jake had been watching seeing Britt at her most vulnerable moment ever, he knew he had to help her.  

When some of Aknadin’s men were coming at her, Jake had stepped in with his sword. “You want her, you have to go through me!” He yelled

Atem was trying to help with finishing the fight when he saw Jake defending Britt. As much as he hated seeing someone else defending his future wife he knew he owed Jake big time for helping out.

The moment the troops had everything handled Atem ran to Britt and picked her up. He started running toward where they left the horses and Jake was following behind. Britt grabbed hold of us shirt “I…need to tell you…” Britt said. She was worried that they might die in the battle. “Tell me what?” Atem said. Britt was about to tell him when she saw kas coming at them. Atem stopped to make sure they couldn’t be stopped as he used his own to protect them. “Now tell me what it is you need to tell me?” He said. Britt’s face went a very bright red as she couldn’t look at him. “I’m….with ch...ild..” Britt said though it was hard for her to talk with her energy drained.

When battle was over, Atem got her up on his horse and tied the reigns of hers to his so it would follow. Then he got on his horse behind her as he lead the troops back. Britt couldn’t fight because of her energy but the way he treated her was that of being fragile. She didn’t like it but she knew she hid the news of the child from him so she had to accept the way things were done.

Hathor watched as they headed back to base to get their things, she was flying above them on her dragon. She saw her cousin and leader lean back on Atem’s chest and close her eyes as she rested.

I’m glad she finally told him..If yugi knew I had known of his brother’s unborn child before his brother did it may not go over well. Hathor thought to herself.
Rebel Princess and the future Pharaoh pt. 17
Atem,Ygo @ Kazuki Takahashi
Britt and others@ me and my family and friends
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Needing a name by QueenBrittStalin
Queen Brittania by QueenBrittStalin
Jake trying to mess up Britt's prom night by QueenBrittStalin
Best friends by QueenBrittStalin
Shocked Britt by QueenBrittStalin
additonal character +5:points: background +10:points:

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
Britt,Atem and Hathor lineart by QueenBrittStalin
two versions of Bre (lineart) by QueenBrittStalin
two versions of Britt (lineart) by QueenBrittStalin
this is actually 25 :Points: and additional character is 5 :points:

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
Traditional with color
Angel and Britt's first meeting colored by QueenBrittStalin
Pharaoh Atem and Nile Princess britt by QueenBrittStalin
Attempt 2 of Ceon protecting Bre from Yami Marik by QueenBrittStalin
Rei by QueenBrittStalin
Britt and Atem's children by QueenBrittStalin
Ceon protecting Bre from Yami Marik by QueenBrittStalin
for every additional character add 5 :points: and if you want a background add 10:points:

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
Traditonal without color
Rei sketch by QueenBrittStalin
Angel and Britt's first meeting by QueenBrittStalin
Britt, Atem and Angel having fun while Tea has to by QueenBrittStalin
Forbiddenshipping - Yami/Atem and Britt by QueenBrittStalin
Atem and Kamari by QueenBrittStalin
xmas gift for kassandra-21 -sketch version- by QueenBrittStalin
it's really 15 :points: and add 5:points: for additional character

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. XD I had a blast on my birthday, My list was pretty simple.

Go see My grandma that shares the same Birthday (got done)
Mother take me out to eat (got done)
Had my first drink (wasn't on the list, but it happened only had 4 sips though)
Go to both Casinos that are in my area (Got that done, won $11 take home money XD thanks to the free money they gave)

~thing done today~
Got my license renewed
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Reading: House of night the beginning

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