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Fanfic chapters:

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-paypal comissions open-

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half body sketch by QueenBrittStalin
half body sketch
This is my starting sketch for the art trade with :iconalex-one-o-one: I'll digitize it soon.

Sketch done by me
oc belongs to :iconalex-one-o-one:
The more they leaned in both of them couldn't resist and soon though the space closed and they kissed. The feeling that rushed through them was something neither had expected as neither of them had done this before. When they pulled away Britt opened her eyes some and looked down as she was in surprise that it happened. Atem though put a hand under her chin making her look up at him as he kissed her again which made her kiss him back. Time just seemed to slip by as they were there and someone came to her door knocking on it but she didn't hear it. Jake was behind the door but was about to open the door when he got pulled away to do something else.

After they pulled apart Britt was embarrassed but she let Atem out as the night turned to day she walked out of her chambers with a test in mind. She had her sister give the orders for them to report to the outside where the trials each of her royal siblings had gone through and she still hadn't because she was waiting but that wasn't going to told to her troops as far as they knew this was just another training. She stepped out to where everyone could see her and she looked at everyone.

"Welcome, I am opening a new training task at hand. We each one of our men and one of our women shall go through and see who comes out first." Britt announced.

Aiden and Jake both noticed something different about Britt but they couldn't figure it out. Aiden tried to figure out why Britt would open such a task to everyone but he watched. They all lined up her included into the mix, she made sure that when it came down to it her opposite was Atem. So when they both got up to the mix she stretched first, Atem wondered what she was up to but then it started. Both ran into the trials, neither knew what to expect but as they reached the first part they both had to avoid objects that tried to hit them. Britt tried her best to not use her power as she felt it was cheating but she used it to duck and protect her head. As they both reached the next round of the trails they had to take bows and use the bows and arrows to protect their selves. Atem watched Britt as he went through these trails seeing she was being fair but he could tell she held power even though she denied her royal blood. He lost concentration of his task and almost got taken out but used the arrow just in time to stop it. As they both dropped the bows they jumped into the water which made it easier for Britt as she made her way swiftly through the water first, Atem following behind. She rushed forward almost out of breath as she ran.

Above was Aiden watching Britt as he knew how the trials were and that there were still three parts left. He seen her look back at Atem as she was in front and seemed to slow down for him to catch up which surprised him.

What is she doing? He thought

Britt wasn't watching that her own brother was watching her and she wanted to end this but she didn't want to be too far ahead of Atem so she had slowed down. As they both ran in they were still dripping wet and looked around the room seeing fire. They both moved to where their backs were against each other. Britt looked back at him and he looked at her, it was almost they knew this would be tough as they helped each other get through it together by moving with their backs together. They'd tell the other when to duck which made them both have to crawl and when they made it out. Britt was so happy she hugged Atem but it was quick as she started heading to the next task. Atem followed her as he made her wonder what was wrong with her but as they came across the next task at hand they both took a rope climbing it.

Bre and Nana never mentioned how bad these could be. Britt thought

When reaching the top they had to carefully swing to get to the other side, Atem was first to go but Britt was hesitant. Atem turned and seen her hesitation and in not wanting to ruin her status as leader he held out his arms.

"Trust me and Jump." He said

Britt wasn't so sure but she knew she had to finish or she'd be looked at bad. When she swung and let go Atem grabbed her hand and brought her close to him. She blushed slightly knowing that she had to get help just to get passed this one. They both started running though to get to the last one again it was a fire one. Britt knew this was bad and so she did something she was against she used her power to get them past, Atem was speechless as he hadn't known she had such power when it was done they had to run out. Everyone waited expecting to see one of them come out first but instead both of them came out with ash on their faces and breathing heavily.

Jake rushed to Britt's side but she put a hand up and leaned on Atem. Atem supported her weight as he seen she used a lot of her energy, she put her hand up to stop Jake but then Atem took her up to her chambers. He layed her down then turned to leave but she grabbed his hand and stopped him making him looks back at her.
“Stay with me.” She said
He didn’t think it was a good idea but he knew she was his leader and it wasn’t like he could refuse so he layed down beside her. He held her close which she didn’t protest to and that surprised him but he didn’t say anything. She wrapped her arm around him keeping him close to her making sure he didn’t go anywhere. She soon drifted to sleep. Laying there watching her made him realize how close they were starting to become and he wasn’t sure if that was good or not.  Soon he drifted to sleep himself but as they were both asleep.  Jake and Aiden had come to Britt’s room to check on her, Aiden knocked first to see if she was awake and when there was no answer he opened the door .  Aiden was surprised to see the two asleep side by side but Jake became mad with jealousy. Aiden closed the door and took Jake away from there.

“How can you allow this?” Jake asked him
“She’s our leader. She can do as she pleases.” Aiden said
“She’s your sister.” Jake said
“Be that as it may she’s still our leader. I gave it to her to make her own decisions.” Aiden said

how could Britt lay in her bed with that man?! He's a new recruit and I'm her second in command! No way will I lose Britt to him! Jake thought

That recruit in her bed, He's no peasant. Britt let's no peasants near her like that..He must be a royal in disguise.. He thought then his eyes widened as he looked back Wait, He's an Egyptian Royal..he's not from our he's...her betrothed..he has to be..but they're so close. So what's going on?

Between the two Britt was first to wake up and she yawned as she sat up, looking she saw Atem was asleep. She watched him and carefully moved strands of his hair from his face without waking him. Something about him was drawing her in and she couldn't figure out what it was. Atem woke up seeing her looking at him and he carefully sat up looking at her.

“How do you feel?” He asked

“Better, helps to rest.” Britt said, as they both let go of each other.
Neither of them said anything to the other but soon Atem went to get up. Britt looked down as she started to think of what to say to him. She stood up as well but before he could leave she stopped him again and he turned around.

“Is there anything else I ca-” He didn't finish before Britt had kissed him. He had remembered their first kiss was just similar so he didn't mind and kissed her back. He held her close as they kissed each other, but at her door Jake had returned to check on her. Thinking she was still asleep he opened the door without knocking and his jealousy grew to see her Kissing the man that was in her bed and to see him kiss her. He wanted that to be him so bad that he went to grab a weapon but the noise that gave away his presence made the two pull away.

“Who's there?!” Britt asked

Jake hide the knife he had and walked to the doorway. “Forgive me for the intrusion Britt, I was checking to see if you were awake.” Jake said

Britt looked at the way Jake was standing and noticed he had something behind his back with his arm behind his back. “What do you have there?” Britt asked

“It's nothing, something your brother requested.” He said

“Well Leave us, I was speaking with Atem when you rudely interrupted.” Britt said hoping he hadn't opened the door to see them kiss.

Jake, your feelings can easily be seen by everyone in our group. My sister's brought it to my attention years ago when we started this group and I so wished that you'd of backed off of your feelings long ago..because I don't feel anything but friendship for you....where with Atem...I feel something...but knowing the danger of feeling this way..he is my betrothed...if Aiden has saw us in here together then..there's no hiding it. I know of Aiden's trips to our home.. Britt thought

this man in the doorway is in love with her. Atem thought then looked at Britt's face. She doesn't feel the same for him, that look tells a lot but when she looks at me she never has that look..

“Britt, you shouldn't be alone with a recru-” Jake didn't get to finish as Britt's tone became harsh. “Leave us. Go do your job as second in command.” Britt said then went and gently pushed him out of the room and closed the door. Jake put his ear to the door to listen as Britt turned to Atem with a sweet smile. “Sorry about that, Jake means well but he just doesn't understand.” Britt said

“You don't love him..your very harsh to him.” Atem said

“ yes I guess I am..but I do it to keep that boundary between friendship and leadership. I can never see loving my second in command.” Britt said
“and what about that kiss between us?” Atem asked

“You should know there's something forming between us. I shall never acknowledge the betrothal between us, so this shall only happen if I—we Choose it.” Britt said

A Betrothal between them?! What's the meaning of that?! Jake thought
The rebel princess and the future king pt. 7
YGO @ Kazuki Takahashi
Britt,Jake,Aiden @ :iconqueenbrittstalin:
different designs of Britt's Nile amulet by QueenBrittStalin
different designs of Britt's Nile amulet
which design do you think is better for Britt to wear? I went away from the first one, the second one was ok to me but the third one is my current one and the fourth was on a comission someone did and I liked it.
Hathor's daughter  Heather by QueenBrittStalin
Hathor's daughter Heather
pose from base by :iconbases-lover:
design @ :iconqueenbrittstalin:
Hathor/Heidi, Hathor's daughter @ my cousin Heidi
YGO @ Kazuki Takahashi

So my cousin and I saw each other today and she finally said "I want my character to have a daughter." So we sat down and I took this design from my sketch book to use on here.
I'm bored and I don't know what to do. So I figured why not see if anyone wants to do a collab with me? I've done one before where I did the outline and they did the coloring but I eventually wanna be the one to do the coloring sometimes.
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package deal
Needing a name by QueenBrittStalin
one shot + Digital colored + 2 fanfic chapters

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
90 :points: for six consecutive chapters

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
Digitally colored
Needing a name by QueenBrittStalin
Queen Brittania by QueenBrittStalin
Jake trying to mess up Britt's prom night by QueenBrittStalin
Best friends by QueenBrittStalin
Shocked Britt by QueenBrittStalin
additonal character +5:points: background +10:points:

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
Britt,Atem and Hathor lineart by QueenBrittStalin
two versions of Bre (lineart) by QueenBrittStalin
two versions of Britt (lineart) by QueenBrittStalin
this is actually 25 :Points: and additional character is 5 :points:

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
Traditional with color
Angel and Britt's first meeting colored by QueenBrittStalin
Pharaoh Atem and Nile Princess britt by QueenBrittStalin
Attempt 2 of Ceon protecting Bre from Yami Marik by QueenBrittStalin
Rei by QueenBrittStalin
Britt and Atem's children by QueenBrittStalin
Ceon protecting Bre from Yami Marik by QueenBrittStalin
for every additional character add 5 :points: and if you want a background add 10:points:

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
Traditonal without color
Rei sketch by QueenBrittStalin
Angel and Britt's first meeting by QueenBrittStalin
Britt, Atem and Angel having fun while Tea has to by QueenBrittStalin
Forbiddenshipping - Yami/Atem and Britt by QueenBrittStalin
Atem and Kamari by QueenBrittStalin
xmas gift for kassandra-21 -sketch version- by QueenBrittStalin
it's really 15 :points: and add 5:points: for additional character

Note me with details and if I accept donate on the donation widget to send the points
I'm bored and I don't know what to do. So I figured why not see if anyone wants to do a collab with me? I've done one before where I did the outline and they did the coloring but I eventually wanna be the one to do the coloring sometimes.
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  • Reading: House of night the beginning

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